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Extreme sea levels on the Atlantic coastline in France: model and observations

Extreme sea levels on the Atlantic coastline in France: model and observations By Etienne CHAUVEAU L'Atlas Bleu / Exploring Extreme sea levels, models and measurements, recent period, Atlantic coast of mainland France. The article identifies the 10 most important storms in terms of marine submersion that have occurred on the Atlantic coasts of mainland France since 1984. It indicates the maximum sea levels recorded during these events. These values are compared with the extreme sea levels (with a 100 years period) derived from the SHOM/CETMEF predictive model. Several observations are drawn

The El Niño phenomenon: a model of global ocean disruption

The El Niño phenomenon: a model of global ocean disruption By Jean-René VANNEY L'Atlas Bleu / Exploring El Niño, climatic disruption, oceanic phenomenon, devastating effect, South America. With two maps and a graph, the article summarizes the principle of El Niño – a climatic disruption whose geographical amplitude and environmental implication are major at a world scale. The sequence of the phenomenon (whose frequency remains poorly known), that occurred in 1982-1983 on the coasts and off the coast of South America, is mapped and analysed specifically.

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