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Cyclones and earthquakes

Cyclones and earthquakes By Riwan KERGUILLEC et Dominique SELLIER L'Atlas Bleu / Exploring cyclone, earthquake, oceanic fronts, vulnerability The article highlights the physical characteristics and formation mechanisms of tropical cyclones and earthquakes on a global scale. Two maps provide visualization of the concentration zones for each of these phenomena and demonstrate the very high level of exposure of the planet’s oceanic fronts. Tropical cyclones are large-scale seasonal weather phenomena (gusts of up to 118 km/h) that count as one of the hazards

20/10/2023|Categories: Exploring|Tags: , , , |

Japan: an example of an archipelago at high seismic risk

Japan: an example of an archipelago at high seismic risk By Jacques Guillaume L'Atlas Bleu / Preventing Earthquake, tsunami, population, deadly disaster, Japanese archipelago. This article presents a cartography of the main structural elements placing Japan in an intense seismic zone. It compares the population density of the archipelago with the inventory of earthquakes which occur over the 20th century. These elements show the vulnerability of this area. The example of the earthquake of march 11, 2011, reminds the chain of catastrophic events that led to the major nuclear accident in

30/09/2021|Categories: Warn|Tags: , , , , |

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